# Istio workshop

Istio (opens new window) is an open platform to connect, secure, control and observe microservices, also known as a service mesh, on cloud platforms such as Kubernetes.


With Istio, you can manage network traffic, load balance across microservices, enforce access policies, verify service identity, secure service communication, and observe what exactly is going on with your services.

# Requirements

# Objectives

After you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Download and install Istio in your cluster
  • Deploy the Guestbook sample app
  • Use metrics, logging, and tracing to observe services
  • Set up the Istio Ingress Gateway
  • Perform simple traffic management, such as A/B tests and canary deployments
  • Secure your service mesh
  • Enforce policies for your microservices

Lab diagram

# Workshop

You will perform the following exercises in the lab:


In case you turned off the servers or restart your computer please verify you have the KUBECONFIG variable set and all kubectl port-forward up and running:

[ -f $PWD/kubeconfig.conf ] && export KUBECONFIG=${KUBECONFIG:-$PWD/kubeconfig.conf}
kubectl get nodes -o wide

# List of GUIs used in Workshop